Leather Albums
Leather Albums $650
After a rocking photo session or wedding, there is no better way to preserve your images than with an album. Our handcrafted albums are made of the finest Italian leather and have many customizable options, including over thirty vibrant colors. Your name and event date can be added to the cover, and we can also add a picture cut-out on the front cover. The presentation of your images is simply stunning as each page is printed on photographic paper and lays completely flat. We will work together to select your favorite images and then our studio will get to work laying out your custom album to tell the story of your event!
Leather Albums
Acrylic & Metal Albums $650*

This is the new generation of transparent covers. The high tech styling gives to the bride a breath-taking feeling with the smooth acrylic surface, pure as a crystal, that will keep their best picture for ever. The transparent Crystal Clear!

A new technique involving infusing dyes directly onto a treated metal surface, the Metal albums appeal to a truly innovative client. Create your custom Metal album by selecting either our High Definition (HD) metal or Vintage metal. Then match it with a Premium Leather or Glam Leather color to decorate the back, spine, and protective corners. *Metal and Acrylic albums with custom spines are $80 more. Parent Copies are $125.00 for 6x8 duplicates.

Photographic Cover Albums

Photographic Cover Albums - $650

What's the latest trend in albums? Photographic covers are popular choices for non-leather, animal-friendly options. The cover features a full wrap-around image and is coated with your choice of protective laminate to create a beautiful glossy or satin appearance. You can work with our studio to pick the stunning images for the cover and inside design. We can also add text to the design to personalize the album for your event. It's up to you! The presentation of your images is simply stunning as each page is printed on photographic paper, and lays completely flat. Once the images are selected, our studio will get to work on designing and creating your custom album to tell the story of your event. Parent Copies are $125.00 for 5x5 duplicates.

Coffee Table Books Hard Cover
Coffee Table Books -$280
Coffee table books are perfect for displaying your images and adding a unique touch to your table. Available to order with a hard or soft cover, these books come with several page options from lay flat to linen! We will work with you to pick out the best images from your event or portrait session and then design and create a book that no one wants to put down! These books are also great as copies of your wedding album or as a brag book to show your friends and family!
Professional Printing
Professional Printing
Don't be fooled – professional printing is not the same quality that you can find anywhere else. What's the difference? How about 256 inks vs. 56 inks that typical printers use, not to mention the archival paper used that guarantees the print for 100 years. Professional images are color corrected and checked at every step of our process for quality. Once you've hired a professional photographer, ensure that your images will look their best and last forever by demanding professional printing. Prices range from $13-$500.